There's nothing more important than who you are.

Goodmorphosis is a personal tool that lets you track the good you do and learn from it.

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When you do something you feel is good, push the button.

What actions are good and why they're good are up to you

Gain insights and motivation through graphs and maps.

Make Patterns.
Goodmorphosis exists with the belief that paying attention to the good you do creates more of it. Science confirms that thinking about an event for as little as 10 seconds is enough to create new neural pathways in the brain. This makes it easier to replicate good actions, so you can be who you want to be.

You Cannot Fail.
Goodmorphosis operates on 100% positive reinforcement. There are no goals to miss, no streaks to break. This prevents the negative self talk that is detrimental for true success.

Discover what you really care about.
The feeling that bubbles up inside after you've done something good is unmistakable. Focusing on that moment and crystallizing why it was good, is a powerful way to train your awareness and intuition.